B Mall Lebanon
Type: commercial
Status: preliminary design
Size: 46,000 m2
Funtions: retail shops, restaurants, supermarket, hotel, outdoor space, movie theater

This mall will offer, on an unprecedented scale, a mix of retail, culture and leisure around a defining theme: the middle east, its diversity, its urban experiences and its cultures. we propose to integrate berbara mall as the natural center of a new leisure district.

We propose an urban form that combines density with open landscape, exploring the urban and green potentials of the site at once. we propose a commercial city that becomes a gathering point for the surrounding neighborhoods– a new kind of commercial center that is blended into the urban texture, and includes rather than excludes the surrounding environment.

The programs of berbara mall are organized along an external/internal staircase promenade with a mix of retail, entertainment and cultural programs on both sides. The promenade forms a continuous loop travelling through the new neighborhood.