Plan R studio
Plan R studio was founded in 2011 when Rami Matar and RayaneAbouRahlMatar started working together on architectural pojects.

Today, Plan R studio is part of FARJA Company: FARJA architecture is held by Plan r studio. The work of plan R studio includes villas, residential buildings, restaurants, sports complex, rehabilitation center, offices, hotels… which ranges in scale from complete buildings to interior designs.

The founders:

Rami Matar:
Rami Matar graduated in 2006 from Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and was interested from the beginning in the potential flexibility of the form and use of concrete. He founded BRUT design in 2008 specialized in concrete design solutions and experimented this material in many forms and aspects.

RayaneAbouRahalMatar graduated in 2011 form Holy SpiritUniversity of Kaslik with an honorable mention and won the second prize of the Lebanese Jaderji award in the same year.


One’s perception of the world is through the spaces he lives in. We tend to build better spaces offering a better perception of the world. These minimal additions to our daily lives are what make the world a better place. Architecture and design are utensils to a better environment, they ought to be easily reached by everyone.


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